Our Product

Our Awarded Packaging

During our long-lasting progression, we have participated in challenging, national and international competitions , where everywhere our extra virgin oil is awarded.

It all began in 1951 in the National Exhibition of Thessaloniki, where our oil was awarded with a Praise and a Golden Medal. In 1952, at the same Exhibition with the Grand Prize and in 1954 with the Diploma of Honor and the Golden Medal.

In 1979, the Agricultural Cooperative of Petrina won the Award for the Best Primary Cooperative in Greece, while in 1980, it was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture for its leadership in the common elision and marketing of olive oil.

In 1996 our olive oil is registered under the name "Petrina Lakonias" as PDO. (Protected Designation of Origin).

Many more awards are following, most recent in May 2018 and 2019, at London International Competition, where we won bronze in both categories: "QUALITY" and "HEALTH CLAIM".

In May 2019, at New York International Olive Oil Competition, we win the Golden Medal, which now ranks our product among the world's top olive oils.